The Creation of a Totally New Vehicle - Hybrid Awareness

The G21 Project was launched in 1993. What was going to be the ideal size and design of vehicles for the 21st century? What sort of vehicle could cope with environmental issues and dwindling resources?

With the G21 project, we sought out the ideal vehicle that would be the answer to those issues, and day after day we buried ourselves in research.

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Don't Waste a Single Drop of Gasoline - Hybrid Awareness

The Hybrid fully wields the respective specialties of the gas/petrol engine and electric motor and molds them together, attaining a system of high performance. This is how the energy is a single drop of gasoline is used effectively without any waste.

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Hybrid Awareness - The growing need for hybrid vehicles

These days, there is a growing demand for automobiles, which place less of a burden on the environment.

This is because of worldwide environmental issues such as air pollution and global warming, in addition to increasing crude oil prices and disappearing resources.

As an automobile manufacturer, we have place the environment as one of our top management priorities, and we believe that we wide spread use of eco-cars will benefit the environment. We hope to contribute to the sustainable growth of society and the planet for our children and for future generations by promoting the proliferation of Hybrid vehicles.

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Hybrid cars: No Outlet, Just Gas and Go

A growing amount of hybrid cars drive the Aruban roads these days. That is good news for the environment. A lot of people however don’t have a clue about what is going on under the hood. There is a lot of prejudice, but this is overtaken in full speed by the development of modern technology.  The hybrid of today is powerfull, fast, a joy to drive and very economical.

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Garage Cordia Aruba ta Felicita Gobernador di Aruba i su cabinete cu nan Lexus LS 600hl 2014

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Garage Cordia ta lansa E modelo nobo di Yaris 2014

Oranjestad- Garage Cordia ta sumamente orguyoso di lansa pa e pueblo di Aruba e modelo nobo di Toyota Yaris 2014

Diabierna anochi 20 December e showroom di Garage Cordia a wordo completamente transforma den un hardin Hapones y asina revela e modelo nobo di e Yaris 2014 den un form unico.

Tur esnan presente a keda fascina cu e modelo completamente nobo di e Yaris 2014, un modelo cora a wordo revela cu a laga tur hende cu gana di busca uno inmediatamente. 

E Yaris nobo a bin cu tremendo build in audio, ABS, Airbags, Power Windows, Multi-information display, Wireless door locks y tambe un mecanismo di Anti-Robo. 

E interior di e auto ta super comodo y stylish, e exterior sigur a sorprendo nos, un auto cu sigur lo ta un furor riba caminda den 2014.

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See the New 2014 Yaris Sedan


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In Pursuit of the Ultimate Eco-car

We'll never stop innovating. As society advances, technology does too, enabling us to provide more environmentally responsible transportation options. In addition to our conventional fuel vehicles and hybrid leadership, we're developing advancements in vehicles using alternative fuels.

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Motor Shows

Toyota attends and holds motor shows each year around the world to share information about new vehicles. In this section you can read about each venue, browse a large library of photos and watch videos of key events and announcements.

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Toyota Concepts

Formerly limited to unveils at motor show events, Toyota is happy to now publicly share detailed information about its concept cars, including photographs and videos.

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