Toyota Coaster

With its spacious, comfortable cabin, the Coaster feels like a family sedan. And its pleasant interior is just one of many welcome features. The Coaster delivers precise handling, with extra reserves of power and comprehensive safety amenities. Toyota engineering ensures rugged strength for years to come and overall economy. And Coaster is a pleasure to behold, with fresh curves and eye-catching angels. Form follows function in every detail of design. The balanced combination of economy, luxury and performance makes the Coaster an attractive solution to many of today's traffic and environmental problems It puts more enjoyment and efficiency into small bus operation, because Toyota puts people first.

Coaster Exterior

Since the Coaster is designed to carry many passengers, Toyota has not only built in comfort, but has also employed a wide range of safety measures. The best solution for avoiding an accident is to prevent it from happening. The Coaster provides many safety features that allows the driver to play an active role in safety driving. For example, the large windshield, the driver's safety window and the easy-to-adjust seat position help the driver detect hazards by offering a clear and expansive all-around view. Quick acceleration, excellent handling and a high level of braking performance all add up to easy control of the vehicle, assisting in safe motoring.

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Coaster Interior

Blending science with art, Toyota created a comfortable and roomy interior that everyone in the Coaster will enjoy. The ceiling was set high to ensure generous headroom and contribute to a feeling of speciousness. Big windows were placed all around to create an atmosphere that is bright and airy. The large, functional seats were designed to be as comfortable as they are attractive. Thanks to a broad, flat floor and single legged seats, there is plenty of room to stretch legs as well. In the cockpit area, numerous user-friendly features contribute to the driver's control of the vehicle. Controls were given rounded shapes and instruments were made easy to read. Large switches were placed according to frequency of use and the lighting was refined for ease of visibility and reduced eye strain.

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Coaster Color Chart

  • 058 White
  • 058-939 White-Lavender

Coaster Specifications

SPECIFICATIONS  30 Seats 26 Seats
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Overall Length (mm) 6990 6225
Width (mm) 2025 2025
Height (mm) 2600 2430
Wheelbase (mm) 3935 3200
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 5310 to 5670 5010 to 5180
Seating Capacity persons 30 26
ENGINE Engine Type  4.2-Liter Diesel (1HZ)  3.7-Liter Diesel (14B)
Num. of Cylinders 6 4
Piston Displacement cc 4164 3661
Max. Output (EEC) KW / rpm 96 / 3800 72 / 3400
Max. Torque (EEC) Nm / rpm 285 / 2200 240 / 1800
Transmission Type 5-speed MT 5-speed MT
Steering Power assisted ball nut Power assisted ball nut
Brake Type Front Drums (Disc optional) Drums (Disc optional)
Rear Drums Drums
Suspension Type Font Double wishbone and torsion bar springs Independent double wishbone, upper torsion bar springs with gas dampers
Rear Double wishbone and torsion bar springs Independent double wishbone, upper torsion bar springs with gas dampers
Interior Length (mm) 6230 5490
Width (mm) 1900 1900
Height (mm) 1830 1675
EXTERIOR Tire Size 7.00 R16LT 12PR Steel 6.50 R16-10PR 5.50F Steel
INTERIOR Radio am/fm Standard Standard
Air Conditioning Standard Standard
Seat Material Fabric Vinyl Leather