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The Evolution of the Prius Continues - Hybrid Awareness


The Evolution of the Prius Continues

The 2nd-generation Prius featured a dramatically more enjoyable driving experience. 90% of the vehicle’s system was newly redeveloped for the 3rd-reneration Prius. The Toyota Hybrid System continues to evolve rapidly.


The Evolution of the Prius Has Raised the Bar for Hybrid Technology

The iconic triangle silhouette of the 2nd-generation Prius has been further enhanced with a new advanced style. Over 90% of the hybrid system has been redeveloped to create the advanced “THSII with Reduction Gear”. Increasing the displacement has reduced the burden on the gas/petrol engine. Though the size of the electric motor and generator has been reduced, the introduction of the “reduction gear” has increased the electric motor torque, thereby enabling powerful seamless acceleration. Environmental load has also been reduced in a variety of other ways, which include, for example, the use of eco-plastic created from plant matter in some sections of the cabin interior.

3rd-generation Prius

Aspects of the 2nd-generation Prius that were enhanced in the 3rd-generation

Gas/petrol engine

A newly developed 1.8 liter gas/petrol engine was introduced. High-speed fuel efficiency was enhanced by lowering the engine speed at higher driving speeds. Efficiency was further enhanced with an electric water pump, the cool-ERG system, etc.


Output was increased while size was reduced. In addition to contributing to weight reduction and fuel efficiency, this also allowed luggage space to be expanded.


In addition to enhancing efficiency, improvements to the cooling system allowed further downsizing and weight reduction.

Electric Motor / Generator / Power Split Device

Efficiency was improved without compromising the superior running performance by employing a new small high-speed electric motor to increase output, and new reduction gear to amplify torque

Design concept

The new upgraded version of the “triangle silhouette” styling has not only increased the body size and enhanced cabin comfort, it has also achieved world-leading aerodynamic performance. The design aims for functional beauty with features such as the iconic character line sweeping from the front to the rear, creating a sharp yet unconstrained impression, while also contributing to reducing air resistance by enhancing the vehicle’s overall aerodynamic performance.