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Hybrid cars: No Outlet, Just Gas and Go

NAIAS_Toyota_Prius_c_005.jpgA growing amount of hybrid cars drive the Aruban roads these days. That is good news for the environment. A lot of people however don’t have a clue about what is going on under the hood. There is a lot of prejudice, but this is overtaken in full speed by the development of modern technology.  The hybrid of today is powerfull, fast, a joy to drive and very economical.

Most people are familiar with the way a traditional gasoline engine operates. The gasoline is burned to power the engine, so the car can move. A hundred percent electric vehicle contains an electromotor that receives electric power through batteries.  A hybrid – as the name indicates – is a combination of the two. In 2013 Garage Cordia was the first dealer on Aruba that offered hybrid vehicles to the public, with the Toyota Prius and the Camry. These models are equiped with the new revolutionairy concept Hybrid Synergy Drive®. This system was first used in the Toyota Prius. The Hybrid Synergy Drive® concept is different from the system used in other brands, because those depend on the gasoline-engine when the engine uses a lot of power. In those cars the electromotor is just an extra feature. In contrast, the Hybrid Synergy Drive® is developed with a powerful electromotor, that does practically all the work, while the gasoline engine is used only when extra power is needed. The focus on the optimal combination between performance and efficiency leads to driving your car with a lot of pleasure, while limiting the burden for the environment to a minimum. 

2012_Toyota_Prius_005.jpgHybrid cars contain two engines that work together in the smartest way possible. The concept is not new, but revolutionary developments has taken place since Toyota put the first hybrid on the market in 1997. Today’s technology is very refined and allows the hybrid car an impressive performance. Besides with a very economic gasoline engine, the car is equipped with a powerful electromotor. Those in the new generation Toyota hybrids are considered the most powerful electromotors in today’s automotive industry. The electromotor gets the necessary power from a battery pack. The batteries are being charged non-stop with energy that is being regained by the car, for instance while using the brakes. There is no need to recharge the batteries through an outlet. The gasoline engine used in the Hybrid Synergy Drive® system is of course one of the most efficient in the world. This motor not only uses relatively little gasoline, but does not run when the car halts. This saves a lot in comparison to regular cars.

Both engines together bring the hybrid car to great performances, without having to use a lot of gas. The electromotor makes the car move. This is a special experience when you first drive a hybrid vehicle, since you don’t hear the motor run. When the car reached the desired speed, the same electromotor keeps it up to speed. The gasoline motor is there to assist the electromotor in case extra power is needed, for instance when passing. The two motors work together in perfect harmony and that lead to a very comfortable driving experience.

Users of a hybrid vehicle enjoy much less visits to the gasoline station, since the car powers itself for a large part. Not with gasoline of course, but with electricity. Generators capture the energy that is getting lost in conventional cars. This power goes to the special battery packs and can be used whenever the car needs it. This process is completely automated, so the driver doesn't have to do anything. The hybrid vehicle does not have a plug, because he doesn't need it. The car powers itself.