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Takata Airbag Safety Recall

Worldwide there has been an ongoing recall of the TAKATA airbag. This is the biggest safety recall in the automotive industry worldwide. Takata is a dangerous airbag, Instead of an inflating airbag, this airbag explodes with pieces of metal shooting out with deadly consequences as result. The Takata airbags has already tragically claimed over a dozen lives!

Safety of driving is very important for Toyota; we are offering all drivers of the Toyota affected vehicles FREE repair of the airbags.

Let us help you verify if your Toyota vehicle is affected, sent a picture of your Vehicle Identification number (VIN) to our WhatsApp to #5947080. This way we can confirm if you need a FREE repair and replacement of a new airbag.

Verify and start scheduling your free repair today!

Because until your airbag is fixed, you’re putting yourself, your spouse, your child, your best friend, or whoever is in your vehicle in danger, every time you drive.

We know you are busy; we know this isn’t convenient, but we have taken the steps to make this process as easy as possible. Are you unable to come to our garage, we can also come to you and change the airbag on location.

Don’t risk it, Fix it! Because someone’s life might just depend on it!

This is not just a recall, it’s a public safety crisis.

Verify if you have an affected vehicle via our Takata Checker


The repair process is completely FREE.


FREE vehicle pickup is available.


FREE on location repair is available.

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Phone: 281-4455
Whatsapp: 594-7080