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Hybrid Awareness - The growing need for hybrid vehicles



These days, there is a growing demand for automobiles, which place less of a burden on the environment.

This is because of worldwide environmental issues such as air pollution and global warming, in addition to increasing crude oil prices and disappearing resources.

As an automobile manufacturer, we have place the environment as one of our top management priorities, and we believe that we wide spread use of eco-cars will benefit the environment. We hope to contribute to the sustainable growth of society and the planet for our children and for future generations by promoting the proliferation of Hybrid vehicles.


A Brighter Future with Our Products

Air pollution and other environmental issues began drawing public attention in the 1960s.

Toyota didn't just look for answers to those immediate problems, but based upon their resolve to "not shroud the future in fog," made a head-start on researching environmental technologies and new power sources, aiming to create the ideal vehicle of the future.


The Quest for Power Sources to lead the Next Generation

In order to address environmental problems, such as the preservation of finite resources and air pollution, that concern vehicles on a global scale, Toyota has explored various non-fossil fuel based power sources for a long time. In 1939, we began research into electric vehicles. In the 1960's, with event such as the beginning of development of gas-turbine Hybrids, we sought out various possibilities for the future and furthered our research and development.


A Long History of Pursuing Environmental Technologies

Over the years, Toyota has created various concept vehicles that respond to global environmental issues.

1977 – Gas Turbine Hybrid Vehicle

Toyota Sports 800 Gas Turbine Hybrid

Toyota began developing hybrid vehicles in the latter half of the 1960s. The “Toyota Sports 800 Gas Turbine Hybrid” marked the beginning of Toyota’s development of hybrid vehicles.

1987 – Gas Turbine Vehicle


He GTV was a personal grand tourer powered by a compact yet high-performance gas turbine engine.

1991 – Solar Car

RaRA II Solar Car

The RaRa II was developed with the aim of creating a solar car able to travel long distances even in wet weather, thanks to the use of both solar cells and high performance batteries.

1996 - Electric Vehicle


The RAV4 EV was developed as an electric vehicle based on the RAV4 with sufficient cabin space. The vehicle was fitted with a compact high performance permanent magnet motor and the newly developed Nickel-Metal Hydride battery.

1996 – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle


Toyota developed the FCEV-1 that generates electricity from hydrogen and emits nothing but water. Based on the RAV4 EV, the FCEV-1 was equipped with a hydrogen-absorbing alloy unit.

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