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The Creation of a Totally New Vehicle - Hybrid Awareness


The Creation of a Totally New Vehicle

The G21 Project was launched in 1993. What was going to be the ideal size and design of vehicles for the 21st century? What sort of vehicle could cope with environmental issues and dwindling resources? With the G21 project, we sought out the ideal vehicle that would be the answer to those issues, and day after day we buried ourselves in research.


Aiming for a Vehicle for the 21st Century

Heading into the 1990s automakers were faced with the need to come up with vehicles able to meet the needs of the 21st century. In 1993 Toyota launched a new project called “G21.” The project’s aim was to create an ideal vehicle that could become the standard for family sedans in the 21st century – a vehicle equipped with a powertrain providing solutions to resource and environments issues, a futuristic design, and people-friendly packaging. The project also set a target of achieving fuel efficiency twice as good as that of conventional vehicles. As a result, we used new hybrid technologies that led to the birth of the Prius.

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