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Hybrids: Technology Linked to the Future - Hybrid Awareness


Hybrids: Technology Linked to the Future

Hybrid technology was developed not only with the immediate, but also the distant future in mind. Our engineers aimed to create what would become the core technology used in the development of all eco-cars, remaining relevant over the 21st century.


Hybrids Vehicles – One answer to Environmental Issues

We approached development with the belief that hybrid system would become indispensable technology for the 21st century. With the widespread use of eco-cars, Toyota does not only seek to create low fuel consumption and low emission vehicle – we think it's important to create appealing eco-cars that are fun to drive and cherished by customers. Hybrid technology is now the core technology we are using to develop our next-generation eco-cars, such as plug-in hybrid vehicle, electric vehicles, and fuel-cell vehicle.

The origin of the model name

"Prius" is a Latin word meaning "that which comes before." The name also expresses that the Prius is the world's first mass- produced hybrid vehicle.

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