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Using Fuel Little by Little - Hybrid Awareness


Using Fuel Little by Little

A Hybrid vehicle can travel the same distance as gasoline vehicle, using less fuel. Because fuel usage slows down, the amount you refill gasoline will drop. It’s very economical.


Reducing Waste to the Limit for Better Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Hybrid System employs a range of ingenious methods to achieve excellent fuel efficiency with close attention paid to everything, starting off and accelerating from a standstill to decelerating and stopping. When starting off and accelerating, which reduce fuel efficiency, the system uses an electric motor that doesn’t need gasoline to accelerate efficiently and powerfully. In response to driving conditions, the system efficiently combines power from the electric motor and gas/petrol engine automatically. When as rest, the system also automatically shuts down the gas/petrol engine off to avoid wasting fuel by idling. The Accumulative effect to preventing gasoline wastage in these ways means Toyota Hybrid vehicles can provide dramatically better fuel efficiency those gasoline vehicles in the same class.