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Wishing Upon a Clean Night Sky - Hybrid Awareness


Wishing Upon a Clean Night Sky

Since the Toyota Hybrid System uses only the electric motor when accelerating from a standstill, it creates no gas emissions. When the gas/petrol engine is in use, its emissions are reduce compared to those conventional vehicles. Toyota Hybrid System is on the roads around the world, wishing upon a clean starry sky.


Less Work for the Gas/petrol Engine Means Lower Emissions

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with gas/petrol engines that are designed with cutting-edge technologies that reduce the toxic substances in exhaust emissions. The electric motor is also used to reduce the load on the gas/petrol engine while driving, helping to reduce the overall amount of emissions. When driving en EV (electric vehicle) mode, the gas/petrol engine is turned off, meaning that emissions are reduced even more. With the gas/petrol engine stop function, it brings significant benefits in terms of reduced exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency when the vehicle stops.