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There's a Reason Why It's Quiet - Hybrid Awareness


There's a Reason Why It's Quiet

Since the Toyota Hybrid System relies only on the electric motor from ignition right up to medium-speed driving*, there is no gas/petrol engine noise at all. Even when switching to gas/petrol engine power, the transition is so smooth you won't even notice, and all vibration and noise is kept to a minimum. So quiet, it won't even wake up the kids.

* Depending on the condition of the hybrid system, this may not be possible. In addition, the distance and speed that can be traveled differs depending on the state of the hybrid battery system.


Why Hybrid System Are so Quiet

The Toyota Hybrid System increases the quietness of the running performance by stopping the gas/petrol engine in certain situation (when decelerating, starting off and accelerating; etc.) and using only the electric motor to drive the wheels. Since the system switches between the gas/petrol engine and electric motor seamlessly while driving, there is no noise or vibration resulting from changes in speed. In addition, the optimal placement of sound absorbing and insulating materials throughout the body effectively reduce gas/petrol engine and road noise, creating a quiet and comfortable cabin.