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The Gas-petrol Engine Can Rest While the Electric Motor Does the Work - Hybrid Awareness


The Gas/petrol Engine Can Rest While the Electric Motor Does the Work

With the electric vehicle mode, you can enjoy the powerful and smooth performance of the electric motor while the gas/petrol engine rests. Of course, when driving in electric vehicle mode, your vehicle won't use a drop od gasoline and will emit no exhaust gas at all.


Return Home Quietly, Even at Midnight

With the Toyota Hybrid System it is possible to stop the gas/petrol engine, and drive using power from the electric motor only *. In this mode, there is neither gas/petrol engine noise nor vibration, ensuring a high level of quietness. The vehicle runs without using a single drop of gasoline and emits nothing. It comes with an electric vehicle mode that allows the drive to prevent the gas/petrol engine from starting up. You can select this mode to run the vehicle using only the electric motor when you want to ensure the vehicle runs quietly; for example, early in the morning or late at night.

* Depending on the condition of the hybrid system, this may not be possible. In addition, the distance and speed that can be traveled differs depending on the state of the hybrid battery system.