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A Hybrid Can Travel a Long way yet - Hybrid Awareness


A Hybrid Can Travel a Long way yet

Just like a conventional gas/petrol engine vehicle, when driving long-distance in a hybrid, all you need to do is refill your fuel tank. The vehicle takes care of recharging the battery for you. And greater fuel-efficiency means the number of times you need to stop for gas will drop dramatically.


No Need to Recharge, Where You Go

The electricity needed to power the electric motor is generated from energy recovered by the regenerative braking system when decelerating, and is also generated from energy produce by the gas/petrol engine while driving. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the battery running out or having to stop to charge the battery mid-trip. Another characteristic of hybrid vehicles is their superior fuel efficiency. Hybrid vehicle can travel further than conventional gas/petrol engine vehicle with the same amount of fuel, with benefits such as begin able to stop for gas less often on long-distance trips.


Why Hybrid Vehicles are Popular as Taxis

In some countries, hybrid vehicles are employed as taxis in large amounts. Thanks to superior fuel efficiency, hybrid vehicles are able to travel further, and since they require less gas station visits than conventional gas/petrol engine vehicle, the downtime saved can be used more effectively. The unique benefits of hybrid vehicles, such a reduce CO2 emissions, are even more pronounced when used by taxi drivers, since they drive much longer distance than ordinary drivers. Also, Austria's Prius taxis have been endorsed for reliability and endurance, such a being able to run for a distance of over a million kilometers.