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Discovering the Joy of Driving a Hybrid - Hybrid Awareness


Discovering the Joy of Driving a Hybrid

Even if a vehicle is eco-friendly, if people feel dissatisfied or feel it is trying their patience when driving, the vehicle will quickly lose its appeal. The Toyota Hybrid System is packed with technology designed to help make them fun and pleasant to drive.


Confortable and Fun Vehicles for everyone

Even if a vehicle boasts excellent environmental technologies, if those technologies take away from the convenience, comfort, or other qualities that all good vehicles ought to possess, the vehicle won't be loved by customers. The vehicle will lack a sense of affinity if people feel dissatisfied when driving it. Therefore, in order to make hybrid vehicles even more comfortable and fun, Toyota is continually pushing forward with research and development work aimed at miniaturization, weight reduction, and further pursuing the unique advantages that hybrids provide, such as superior fuel efficiency, as a given; and the quiet and powerful performance owing to the electric motor.