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High Efficiency Gas/petrol Engine for Hybrid - Hybrid Awareness

High Efficiency Gas/petrol Engine for Hybrid


The Gas/petrol engine plays one of the main roles in the Toyota Hybrid System. This special gas/petrol engine uses various new technologies to boost efficiency, and avoids wasting even a drop of fuel. In Particular, the Atkinson cycle is one technology used to enhance fuel efficiency. Compared to a normal gas/petrol engine, this makes greater use of its ability to hold fuel, for a structure which obtains more post-explosion expansion energy while reducing the volumes of fuel and air intake.


Reducing Energy Loss, Inside and Out

For this special hybrid gas/petrol engine, a wide variety of techniques are used to boost efficiency. Even the exhaust gas recirculation (ERG) system, which recirculates exhaust gas back into the air intake the thereby decreasing pumping loss, if used along with the EGR cooler adopted by the Prius that cools and uses recirculate exhausted gas, for example, both reduce gas/petrol engine cooling loss and boost efficiency. At the same time, this reduces burn temperature, which reduces pollutants in exhaust gas. The gas/petrol engine also uses many technologies to reduce waste and loss. For example, the exhaust heat recovery system uses exhaust heat while the gas/petrol engine cools. This reduces gas/petrol engine warming time, and reduce use of waste fuel. The roller locker arm reduces friction loss.