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Reduce Gas/petrol Engine Load in So Many Ways - Hybrid Awareness


Reduce Gas/petrol Engine Load in So Many Ways

Vehicles with the Toyota Hybrid System change to adopt electric accessories, including power air conditioning, etc. Using electric power eliminates the need for belts to drive accessories. This reduces gas/petrol engine load and friction loss. No belts also makes maintenance easier.


Technology Reduce Energy Waste

Changing accessories to electric ones enables the use of each function, regardless of whether the gas/petrol engine is running. For example, the electric water pump is able to circulate just the required amount of gas/petrol engine coolant when needed, enabling minute control of the “heat” generated from gasoline. This reduces excess cooling and other wasted energy. The electric air conditioning and compressor use the powerful electricity from hybrid batteries. This maintains a cozy environment while greatly reducing gas/petrol engine load, helping to boost fuel efficiency and reduce gas emissions.