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Two Electric Motors/generators for Power and Efficiency - Hybrid Awareness


Two Electric Motors/generators for Power and Efficiency

The Toyota Hybrid System has two electric motor/generators that are used to provide motive power and generate electricity.

When Starting to move and in low speed situations, it supplies electric power from hybrid batteries and runs on its electric motors.

When accelerating and running at high speed, it combines electric motor and gas/petrol engine power, achieving powerful drive. When the hybrid battery charge level is insufficient, the gas/petrol engine can rotate the electricity-generating electric motor/generator (MG1), and used the electricity thus generated to drive the wheels.

When decelerating, the motive power electric motor/generator (MG2) utilizes the deceleration energy to generate electricity, which is then stored in the hybrid battery.


Another Feature that Achieves Smooth Driving

The electric motor features great power in the low rpm range. Utilizing this feature, the Toyota Hybrid System uses the electric motor when starting off and cruising, when the gas/petrol engine would be inefficient. This enables powerful driving, great fuel efficiency, and low emissions.
The electric motor/generator is a synchronous A/C type, making it compact, lightweight and with high efficiency. With this electric motor, it is easy to control motor revolutions and torque, enabling smooth starts and acceleration. It can also generate a large amount of electric power when driving at low speeds. With techniques such as a special coil-shaped design, we achieved high performance while making it more compact and lighter weight.