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Greatly Improving Hybrid Driving - Hybrid Awareness


Greatly Improving Hybrid Driving

“THS II with Reduction Gear” adds another planetary gear, called the “reduction gear”. A reduction gear amplifies torque from the electric motors. By increasing the electric motor’s rotation as force, this can produce large drive power. This torque amplification effect, coupled with higher reviving capability of the front electric motors, combines to provide seamless acceleration at will.


New Technologies to Enjoy Driving More

Compared to the previous THS II, “THS II with Reduction Gear” adds a reduction gear mechanism for better efficiency and improved driving. The reduction gear can reduce the electric motor’s rotation and increase torque, enabling smaller and lighter electric motor design. In the higher speed range, the reduction gear adjusts speed to reduce electric motor revolutions, achieving more efficiency driving. In more situations, this delivers powerful driving and excellent fuel efficiency.