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Large Amounts of Current Quickly Stored and Delivered - Hybrid Awareness


Large Amounts of Current Quickly Stored and Delivered

An Automobile is always repeatedly accelerating and decelerating. A Hybrid vehicle repeatedly uses and recharges its batteries each time it accelerates and decelerates, so batteries storing electricity must be able to quickly deliver and receive large amounts of electricity. The Toyota Hybrid System uses high performance hybrid batteries which are able to quickly output and input large amounts of current. For example, they quickly store even more electric energy recovered by the regenerative braking. They also quickly deliver electricity when accelerating, achieving the maximum use of energy and higher efficiency.


Class-leading Batteries, in both Performance and Durability

The Hybrid batteries used in Toyota Hybrid vehicle have special cooling system layout and main relays to fully optimize space, for a design, which does not affect the cargo, and passenger space. The system maintains the battery charge at a constant level at all times by monitoring and computing the cumulative amount of discharge under acceleration, and recharging by regenerative braking or with surplus power under normal running condition.
Some models, such as the Prius plug-in hybrid, use lithium-ion batteries, which have greater capacity than conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries. You can charge them with even more power with your home’s electricity, via an external charger.