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Detailed Management of the Hybrid System - Hybrid Awareness


Detailed Management of the Hybrid System

The power control unit provides detailed control of the electric motor/generator, gas/petrol engine, and hybrid batteries. This is the Toyota Hybrid System’s “control tower”. For various situations (from starting, to cruising, high speed driving, at rest; etc.), it optimally controls the start and stop of the gas/petrol engine, the electricity flows of the electric motor/generator, and hybrid batteries; etc. Toyota leads other companies, with over 15 years of development and mass production of hybrid vehicles. We use this knowledge as our advantage to deliver one of the world’s best control technologies for achieving smooth driving and high efficiency.


Depth of Knowledge for Highly Precise Control

Devices that appropriately adjust power supply voltage are equipped with a power control unit. These devices include an inverter, a voltage-boosting converter, and a DC/DC converter, which make it possible to flexibly control everything from DC/AC conversion to raising and lowering voltage. They not only bring out the best performance from the high-output electric motor, they also enhance the efficiency of the vehicle as a whole.