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Immediately Feel Secure when Driving a Hybrid - Hybrid Awareness


Immediately Feel Secure when Driving a Hybrid

Vehicles equipped with the Toyota Hybrid System can be driven just like any other conventional vehicle. You can enjoy a refreshing new driving experience using the electric motor, without needing to learn any special techniques such as connecting your vehicle to a charger.


Toyota Hybrid System Constantly Thinking of Effective Driving

Just sit in the driver’s seat, and when you’re ready, press the start button while pressing the brake pedal. Once you’ve done that, driving a hybrid vehicle is just like driving a conventional vehicle – quiet and smooth running with the electric motor, powerful running with the electric motor and gas/petrol engine working together, the shutting down of the gas/petrol engine when in electric vehicle mode and during gas/petrol engine stops – the entire system is controlled automatically to ensure the most efficient performance while you drive. The system also automatically recovers energy to recharge the batteries so there is no need to connect the vehicle to a charger.