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Blast Through the Desert - Hybrid Awareness


Blast Through the Desert

“The Toyota Hybrid System is packed with precision technology – is it really okay to drive it over long distances and rough roads?” There’s no need to worry at all. The high reliability of the system has been proven through Toyota’s renowned quality and testing processes.


Endurance Proved on the World’s Roads

Since its launch, the Prius has been put through its paces in a multitude of endurance tests and adventurous contests. Following a coast-to-coast trip across the North American continent in 1999, a trip was made through 1- countries in Europe in 2000; and in 2001, the Prius was the first hybrid vehicle in the world to be successfully driven across the Sahara Desert. Since then the Prius has taken on a wide variety of such challenges, proving its high level of reliability, and by running with ease in any kind of environment it has displayed the considerable capability of the Toyota Hybrid System.