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On the brief day of rest, competitors relax and mechanics tend to machines in preparation for the 2nd half of the rally


On the Brief Day of Rest, Competitors Relax and Mechanics Tend to Machines in Preparation for the 2nd Half of the Rally

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Today is a well-deserved rest day after the challenges of the 1st half of the rally. Since last night the competitors have been relaxing at their hotels in town or enjoying their free time at the bivouac. In contrast, mechanics are busy replacing parts damaged during the 1st half of the rally. Well-equipped teams ranked in the higher positions are restoring their machines to the same condition they were in when the race began in BUENOS AIRES.

Co-drivers came to the bivouac to pick up and study tomorrow's route book, which was made available at 14:00. Drivers including GINIEL DE VILLIERS (#303 IMPERIAL TOYOTA) and YAZEED ALRAJHI (#325 YAZEED RACING) also returned to the bivouac. They looked quite relaxed handling media interviews and chatting with mechanics and other team members.

Like GINIEL and YAZEED, other HILUX drivers, such as BERNHARD TEN BRINKE (#315 OVERDRIVE TOYOTA), currently overall 5th, and CHRISTIAN LAVIEILLE (#309 OVERDRIVE TOYOTA), overall 7th, were also "recharging their batteries" in preparation for the stages from tomorrow. The atmosphere in the pit areas of IMPERIAL TOYOTA and OVERDRIVE TOYOTA was very easygoing.


The Land Cruiser 200s of TEAM LAND CRUISER, sitting 1st and 2nd in the Production Category, and the SW4 (FORTUNER) driven by ALEJANDRO YACOPINI (#348 TOYOTA YACOPINI), overall 3rd, were also being steadily worked on for tomorrow.

The key to victory tomorrow is running the approximately 50 km of rough sand and dunes at the beginning of the SS (Special Stage) without mistakes. After that, they motor at high-speed along an ancient Inca Road in the area of the famous Nazca Lines. The 2nd half of the rally toward the podium in BUENOS AIRES begins tomorrow.


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What If a Competitor is Injured during the Rally? 

How are competitors treated if they become injured or sick during the rally? A special Medical Center is located in each bivouac. A competitor, who returns to the bivouac on their own and whose symptoms are light such as heat stroke or bruising, can walk into the Center to receive medical attention. If a competitor cannot continue driving in an SS (Special Stage) due to a severe injury, an ambulance or helicopter will rescue them. Some ambulances are provided by the organizers and others come from local municipalities. The ambulances are located near the SSs and used to transfer injured competitors to nearby hospitals. If a competitor is severely injured and requires urgent attention, a helicopter will airlift them directly to a large hospital in an urban center.


The DAKAR RALLY is fraught with danger so the organizers have adopted every possible measure to protect the competitors.