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Hybrid the Car of the Future That Saves You Money

These days, there is a growing demand for automobiles, which place less of a burden on the environment but most of all on your monthly budget.

In Aruba our average petrol consumption is around AWG. 400,- and up per month. Depending on your driving behavior. Wouldn't it be awesome to drop your monthly budget for gasoline with more than 50%? This gives you more breathing space in your monthly budget to enjoy other stuff.

Besides saving money you are also expelling less emission into the air that causes air pollution that causes global warming.

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Toyota believes that with the spread use of eco-cars not only your wallet will benefit but also the environment.

Conventional gasoline engine vehicles waste most of energy contained in fuel, and this energy is lost as heat. To address this, Toyota chose to use hybrid technology to build a vehicle with two-power source a petrol engine and an electric motor. The term "hybrid technology" refers to vehicle that combine two different power sources.

Toyota's hybrid system combines a petrol engine and an electric motor, realizing a cutting edge driving experience with high fuel efficiency.

This gives the car and in the end you as driver full advantage of the relative strengths of each power source by combining their strengths.

To improve overall efficiency with both a petrol engine and an electric motor, the system takes advantage of the energy-efficient electric motors to run the vehicle in the low speed range, and calls on the poor fuel-efficient petrol engine to run the vehicle in the higher speed range.

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The Toyota Hybrid System uses the parallel system developed by Toyota. The system switches flexibly between driving modes in response to driving conditions, running with the motor or petrol engine working together. This means it is a system providing numerous benefits such as superior fuel efficiency, as a given; a high-quality driving experience, low gas emissions, and quiet performance, all made possible by taking advantage of the relative strengths of the series hybrid and parallel hybrid system.

This makes a Hybrid vehicle travel the same distance as gasoline vehicle, using less fuel besides being powerful and smooth, so smooth you won't even notice all vibration and noise as it is kept to a minimum. So quiet, it won't even wake up the kids.

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The electricity needed to power the electric motor is generated from energy recovered by the regenerative braking system when decelerating, and is also generated from energy produce by the petrol engine while driving. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the battery running out or the use of a plugin station to recharge.

The Toyota Hybrid System has two electric motor/generators that are used to provide motive power and generate electricity.

The electric water pump is able to circulate just the required amount of petrol engine coolant when needed, enabling minute control of the "heat" generated from gasoline. This reduces excess cooling and other wasted energy. The electric air conditioning and compressor use the powerful electricity from hybrid batteries. This maintains a cozy environment while greatly reducing petrol engine load, helping to boost fuel efficiency and reduce gas emissions.

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Driving a hybrid vehicle doesn't mean you have to put up with reduced comfort levels and the level of safety that the Toyota Hybrid System vehicle is equipped with provides no less than any other conventional vehicle.

Hybrid technology was developed not only with the immediate, but also the distant future in mind.

Our engineers aimed to create what would become the core technology used in the development of all eco-cars, remaining relevant over the 21st century.

Be pending for our unveiling of our latest Hybrid to our Hybrid family and start seeing your monthly budget increase as you safe on patrol

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