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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2019 at Garage Cordia

After fair judgment of the entries, the award winners of the National Contest were finally determined for each age category. Each of the artworks is full of dreams and very impressive.

The contest ran from February 27, 2019 to March 15, 2019, the National Contest saw 50 participants from around the country. Among the entries, three participants from each entry category were selected as winners, and entered as representatives of our country into the World Contest, to be held in Japan.

The winners in the category 0-7 years are:

1st place winner: Jeandre Xander Geerman

2nd place winner: Megan Bahamon

3rd place winner: Kaymiel Taylor Daniel Mahadeo

The winners in the category 8-11 years are:

1st place winner: Destiny Kock

2nd place winner: Joshua Steven Vrolijk

3rd place winner: Sophie Boersma 

The contest invites children from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars. Every great idea was born in the glimmer of a dream, and we at Toyota hope that this activity will help nurture the creativity of the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers.

Since 2004, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has been conducted as part of Toyota’s social contribution initiatives. In 2018 alone, there were about 650,000 entries from 76 countries and regions around the globe.

We will continuously hold the “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest” to support those pursuing creative activities to fulfill their dreams. We look forward to the continued interest and entry application for this event. Congratulations to the winners!