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SPECIAL: June Month-long Deals on Cars at Toyota Aruba!

Garage Cordia is CELEBRATING DADS by Having Month-long Deals for JUNE 2018!

This year Toyota Aruba a.k.a Garage Cordia, is honoring dads by having ALL-MONTH-LONG SPECIALS ON CARS FOR JUNE:

  • All RAV Vehicles - AWG.5000 Discount
  • HILUX Basic Model - FREE Extra Upgrades (a total value of AWG.4500)
  • Period to score on these offers: 06/01/2018 - 06/30/2018

*Keep scrolling to discover more details!



Check out the RAV4 and book YOUR TEST DRIVE or check out the HILUX and book YOUR TEST DRIVEto get started today.

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